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Background and interest

I am graduated as an Architect and Material Engineer, both by Universidad de Extremadura, Spain. In the last few years, my research experience comprised two differentiated lines. The former included the development and characterization of ultra-high temperature ceramics for aerospatial applications in terms of their contact-mechanical properties, while the latter combined the development and characterization of new composites for bioengineering applications focusing on their interactions with both proteins and bacteria strains. Currently, I am a PhD candidate at University of Oslo, Norway, studying fracture mechanics of organo-mineral aggregates while looking forward to provide them with self-healing properties.


Description of research in NanoHeal: ESR 12

Project title: Experimental study of brittle or ductile behaviour of self-healing cements

Objective: Characterize brittle and ductile behaviour of self-healing organic-mineral aggregates

Description: Both synthesized materials and natural carbonate rocks (e.g. chalk and carbonate cemented peridotite) will be studied. In collaboration with FAU, BOZ, DYN and LCR various synthesis routes and organic additives will be explored: i) re-crystallization of wet amorphous calcium carbonate pastes (e.g. Combe’s method), ii) compaction of calcium carbonate particles in the presence of liquid water and/or varying partial pressures of CO2 gas (chemo-mechanical sintering), and iii) self-assembly of hybrid organic-inorganic calcium carbonate systems. The mechanical properties of the above systems will be evaluated and compared, focusing on creep measurements under a range of temperatures and in various different chemical solutions. In parallel, the microstructural changes of the undamaged and damaged pastes will be examined by X-ray tomography. Emphasis will be placed on characterizing the roles of interfaces and of nano-confined water and organic molecules on creep and healing. Two existing in-house built high resolution instruments in the UIO group will be further developed to undertake this study. A capacitance dilatometer for creep of wet samples at strain rates down to 10-11s-1 at constant load will be modified to measure load relaxation at constant displacement. The results from these experiments on uniform loading will be compared to theoretical calculations at KU NBI. A double torsion apparatus for sub critical crack growth experiments with environment control will be made stiffer to allow loads to be reversed quickly and accurately. In this manner it is possible to cycle between fracturing and healing. For polycrystalline samples, microscopic imaging of the surface normal to the fracture plane will allow digital image correlation measurement of the strain field. The aim will be to estimate where the nanometer wide fracture tip is and whether it follows the same path through a series of fracture-healing cycles.

Expected results: X-ray tomography, creep and subcritical crack growth data on self-healing organic-mineral aggregates. Experimentally based model for damage and healing.

Planned secondment(s): FAU, M20, 3 weeks, Induce self-healing by biomimetic mineralization approach, LRC, M24, 2 weeks, private sector internship.


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  • Sanchez, Jesus Rodriguez (2019). Experimental study of brittle or ductile behaviour of mineral cements.
  • Sanchez, Jesus Rodriguez (2017). Lab meeting: Experimental study of brittle or ductile behaviour of self-healing cement.
  • Sanchez, Jesus Rodriguez; Liberto, Teresa; Zhang, Qing; Barentine, Catherine & Dysthe, Dag Kristian (2017). Lab meeting: Rheological and long-term indentation creep properties of calcium carbonate cements.
  • Sanchez, Jesus Rodriguez; Liberto, Teresa; Zhang, Qing; Barentine, Catherine & Dysthe, Dag Kristian (2017). Rheological and long-term indentation creep properties of calcium carbonate cements.
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  • Sanchez, Jesus Rodriguez & Dysthe, Dag Kristian (2016). A tour around research in the Depart. of Physics. First stop" NanoHeal: Nano-tailoring organo-mineral materials".
  • Sanchez, Jesus Rodriguez & Dysthe, Dag Kristian (2016). Synthesis of calcium carbonate particles via continuous flow microfluidics.

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