Anja Røyne won a prestigious literary prize

One of our partners, Anja Røyne, has won a distinguished Norwegian literary prize (Brageprisen) for her book titled "Meneskeths grunnstoffer" (roughly translated to "The elements of mankind").

This year's prizes were awarded on Thursday, November 22nd in Oslo, Norway. Anja won the category "Popular science for adults and children / youth".

Where do the elements come from, and can we use them? Anja Røyne has an original twist when she writes book about the building blocks that we and the whole world are made of. With questions like "Can we run out of iron?" And "Is there enough sand?", the reader enters into a discussion about the world's resources at the micro- and macro level and how everything is connected to the universe. As a physicist, Anja writes in a clear language, always with an unqualified ability to go into the big questions that concern us all. This elevates the book to an existential level, while linking physics with the daily life of the reader. The book begins and ends with space where the elements came from, and where we can possibly retrieve resources  in a distant future. At the same time, the book is firmly anchored on our own planet and has the message of how we must preserve the globe with all its elements. Thus, the atomic physics directly affects the reader, and this has become a book that elegantly unites the smallest particles with the biggest questions.

Our congratulations go to Anja, well done!

You can read the original text in Norwegian here.



Published Nov. 23, 2018 9:09 AM - Last modified Nov. 23, 2018 9:13 AM